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  I  Imagine ... I  Create ... Therefore I am Free !

    My Chinese-American cultural roots were the early inspiration for my artwork, as a child.  It
is natural, therefore, that over the past fifteen years my painting would embrace Chinese cult-
ure subjects and evolve into a multi-media style that uses strong colors, complex textures and Asian motifs flowering into my own unique expression.  Examples of such personal crea-
tive works are seen in my paintings “Little
Buddha:, “Moon- Cakes, Tea and Happy Spirits”, “Shadow of My                                                                                         Ancestors”, and “Chinese Matzo Ball Soup”, and others of this 
“Asian Culture” genre.  All of these works were inspired by a deep sense of the spiritual, the sanctity of place and tradition, as well 
as by an appreciation of, and a reflection upon, external and in-
ternal balance and harmony.
    However, returning to the subject of my earliest inspirations
and influences as an Artist and Painter--it is important to revisit 
my influences even as a young girl doing Art in many forms while growing up in Detroit.  Consider the period in which my creativity
evolved:  Detroit, Michigan-U.S.A. of the Seventies: the Vietnam
War, Peace Movements, Segregation, Political and Sexual Libe-
ration, Self-Expression, Meditation.  If ever there was a time
that would produce angst and conflicts and a rebellious spirit-for
 a young Chinese-American female Artist growing up in a strongly traditional nuclear Chinese family--this was it!  You can see such social and psychic tensions explored through-out my work.

    Color, energy, drama, spontaneity, wit and humor are the
inspirations that keep my creative passions flowing.


    To date, I have amassed a body of Thirty Major Paintings,
which fall into two general categories.  The first category is the
above-described “Asian Culture” genre.  The second category is
my “Expressive-Surreal-Theatrical” genre satirizing the sexes
and challenging modern society.  Examples of these are such
paintings as: “Bozo’s Health Plan”, “The Heavenly Pleasures of
Madame X”, “Les Misérables”, (satirizing clowns), and “Tales of
the Naked City”.  SEE:

    My Paintings are like Storyboards: complex and visually
charged, dramatically showing Life’s contradictions and polarities
at play. 

    In addition to being a Painter, I am also an active Jewelry Design
Artist.  SEE: , my Collection
of One-of-A-Kind Jewelry Creations.  And please check my latest 
line of wearable, whimsical altered art:


    My Art Background has included independent studies at the
San Francisco Art Institute, and at the College of Marin-Indian
Valley Campus, the latter for some seven years under renowed
iconic Beat Painter Wally Hedrick.  Wally Hedrick inspired me to
tap into my pure imagination, to always be original and to per-
severe on my individual artistic path.  It was an honor for me to
be invited to speak at his Memorial.

    My Paintings have also been selected for exhibition by the
Falkirk Cultural Center of San Rafael and for the CBS Market- Headquarters represented by AAWAA.  Over the
past seven years, my Paintings have been selected on six occa-
sions by the Jury of the Marin County Arts Fair, and by the
Jury of the Kentfield Fine Arts Gallery.  Several of my Paintings
were also selected by the San Francisco Museum of Modern 
Art Rental Gallery.  In addition, I  have participated  in San 
Francisco Hunter’s Point Shipyard Open Studios for the past
many years.


    I have now reached a position of having established a large
body of Paintings worthy of presentation as a One-Woman Show.

    For any questions, or inquiries as to pricing of my Artworks,
which are available both as originals as well as giclées,  please
feel free to contact me at


~ Imagine a Society Without The Arts; Music, Literature  
and Film ... What a Sad World it would be ~

* Copyright 2009 Maree J. Wong
Maree J. Wong